1. Herzfeld Viktor: Magyar táncz (d-moll)
  2. Sauer Emil: Echo de Vienne - Valse de Concert
  3. Bartók Béla: 1. Ábránd
    Bartók Béla piano
  4. Brahms, Johannes: Változatok Paganini egy themája fölött
    Bartók Béla piano
  5. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" szerenád
  6. Haydn, Joseph: Londoni Szimfónia (D-dúr) No. 104
    Haris Ervin conductor


Royal Szálloda Budapest

The piece of Béla Bartók "1. Ábránd" was composed on February 08, 1903. 
It shows his eclecticism well, that his contemporary listeners thought about the style of more composers. It was recommended to the young lady Emma Gruber... 

This was the first time that the youthful pianist Béla Bartók appeared as a composer.